Food safety

Gomez Fresh wishes to supply the best and tastiest fresh products every day. Our quality objectives are based on principles that we will not deviate from. That’s why we continually check the quality at the growers’ locations during the cultivation process. This quality must always satisfy the requirements specified by the final client.

In this respect, we focus on the consumer!

Perhaps this sounds logical, but by focusing on the consumer, we ensure maximum collaboration between the grower(s) and the end customer. Only in this way, can we ensure that the cultivation takes place with the required amount of care and attention and that the end customer pays a fair price for a quality product.

Gomez Fresh therefore only collaborates with high-quality growers who are at least in possession of the Global Gap certificate. Moreover, these growers have to submit a list of pesticides for the entire season. This list is retained by Gomez Fresh, so that we have a schedule that we can refer to in order to see which pesticides are used.

Food Safety guarantees are given, based on the following conditions:

• Transparency: The grower(s) and the client(s) know each other

• Traceability: Product is routed directly from the grower to the final client

• Pesticides: Direct communication about authorized pesticides

• Certification: The growers at least have a GlobalGAP certificate

• Residue analyses: Gomez Fresh takes care of this. Possibly by Food Compass (Food Horticulture Sector Monitoring Institute (‘Stichting Monitoring Voedingstuinbouw’)).